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Thursday, November 9, 2017

Raquel Guest Blogs...Our Journey

I'll start off writing that the day after our Journey to Nicaragua, was leaps and bounds better than the day of our Journey.  And I will leave it at that.

 Lucia, Solani, my mom, and I left my parent's house, with my dad driving, at 3:45am, which even for my early bird children is early.  After a quick turnaround back to my parent's house to retrieve Big Girl Dragon (Lucia's new birthday doll from my parent's house) we were on our way. Solani fell asleep in the car, and Lucia per her usual self, was up chatting looking for Christmas lights on the way to the airport.  At the airport, my dad unloaded our copious amounts of luggage, gave all of us girls big hugs goodbye and left my mom and I alone with the girls on our adventure to Nicaragua.  We got through the airport security and boarded the plane fairly unscathed with all of our carry ons and much needed coffee.

Once on the plane after take off, Lucia broke into her backpack from her grandparents, and began exploring all of the busy toys that had been packed for her.  Disclaimer...despite having flown for 12 years for work I am a very nervous flyer...and once I saw a neverending sea of clouds I prepared myself for a bumpy flight all of the way to Houston.  I was correct, it was not fun for me, or Solani.  In the past 6 months, Solani has been getting carsick for no rhyme or reason that we could think of.  Now, I know it is not just carsick, it is motion sick.  Three quarters into the flight she thew up EVERYWHERE, or everywhere all of herself and me.  The flight attendants on Southwest were kind to us and brought us a large trash bag (she didn't puke that much) and things to clean us up with.  No matter what they brought there is no erasing the smell of puke.

Once landed safely in Houston, we hurried quickly to our next flight; no time for the bathroom to change, or to get any food for the girls (my mom had packed them a good amount of snacks, so they could live off of crackers for a few days). We boarded the flight, Lucia at this point was beyond cranky, especially after discovering her new Pinkie Pie head phones did not work, and promptly fell asleep.  Solani was now happy, despite being covered in left over puke, and was up chatting most of the flight.  2 hours into a 2.5 hour flight they turned off the fasten seatbelt light and the baby and I got up to change, which equated to no more puke smell.  We landed in Costa Rica nice and smoothly, and were about to pull up to an occupied gate, which meant that all hell broke loose for Solani, who so much wanted off the plane, that once she figured out she couldn't break out of the window, she lost her ever loving mind and started screaming bloody murder.

Yes, so far, we have been that family...

We deplaned after 20 minutes of shreaking and made our way down to customs.  The girls and Eddie and I had been through this line in March, no problem, no wait.  When we got down to the customs line, I saw that it was easily hundreds of people deep, and my inner self started to cry and scream.  Thankfully, before my inner self made it outside to the public, a immigration officer took pity on us and escorted us over to a line that was only for locals.  My mother, being my mother, made friends with the lady in front of us (this line was only 10 deep) and she said that the line was for locals or disabled vets, which we were neither, but I 1. didn't care, and 2. was so happy, I could have cried from happiness.  The girls ran around in circles on the ground while we waited in line, and I was just happy that they were happy.

With a little help, we collected all of our bags and made our way outside where Eddie had arranged for a driver to pick us up and take us to where he and Chucho would be waiting in Nicaragua.  Eddie and I had already talked about facing Solani forward in her carseat, thinking it would help with her puking situation. This was not to be the case.  Over the next 5 hours, she violently vomited all over the very nice man's car 4 times.  After the first time, I took her out and held her on my lap up front, which did not help my poor baby at all.

Richard, our driver, escorted us through the boarder, where he instructed us to get in and out of the car 3 times to show our passports to various people and pay some money.  After a very long drive, we arrived at our destination.  Lucia was ecstatic to see Eddie.  That helped to erase some of the road wear from the day, and she happily chatted to him about everything that had happened that day and since he had been on the road for the past 2 weeks.

The rest of the night chaotically continued, as the baby woke up when I took off her puke encrusted clothing, and Lucia could not settle after the days events. My girls, who are usually asleep by 6:30 were up until 10, and crazy, over tired angry about it.

The day's adventures would have been 100 times more overwhelming if it was not for my mom's help. When I was teetering on the edge of sanity with a puking baby and a very cranky 4 year old she held it together and without her we probably would still be standing  somewhere wandering around in the Costa Rica airport.

The feeling of having my family reunited under the same roof, in our new place with the tropical air pouring through the windows helped to free the puke smell from my nose.  But nothing felt so good as when Lucia woke up this morning at 5:15 to tell me the sun was up, to tell her to go talk to Papi!

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