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Friday, November 24, 2017

11.24.17 Quick Outside Pangas Shorebreak Strike

On a lark, I decided to see what Pangas had to offer.  The swell was about 1-3' so imagine my delight when the sets were head-high.  I paddled out and within four minutes I'd perched with dry hair.  The water was a touch colder than El Salvador water but still very pleasant.

I spotted one of my neighbors and I asked him why he chose this break over Colorado.  He said he paddled out here if it looked good and he rarely walked all the way down to Colorado.

The waves were very shifty which can be handy if there's a crowd as you tend to get spread out.  There were less than five of us out and the waves were tricky.  Because we were coming off the peak of the high tide it was almost always a late drop to get into waves.

I caught a left which looked really juicy off the drop but there was no shoulder; something I found out and was dismayed by after a strong bottom turn but nothing to push off once at the top.

I caught a right and I did a quick pump, then as I went for a hit the shoulder had passed me by.

All in all it was mostly drops at Panga Drops, but solid considering the swell with which it was working.

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