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Wednesday, November 22, 2017

11.21.17 Still AM, now at Lance's Left

Though Playgrounds did get better as the tide dropped, we realized its potential would  be capped as we kept waiting and the improvement stopped.  Another panga and its payload paddling towards us didn't do much to soothe our pain so we bailed back towards Astillero, to Lance's Left.  I took the traverse time and reapplied sunscreen as it was getting close to the roast time of 10-2.

This was a picturesque spot with an imposing cliff littered with wayward cacti. We followed Tyler out and as the tide was getting low it did get ok.  On my first wave I did something weird and ended up digging a rail somehow on a fade turn.

I started getting pretty frustrated with myself and eventually things changed.

I caught arguably the wave of the morning and did a set-up turn, then stomped down and circled back with a strong bottom turn.  I demolished the section presented and came pretty close to pulling it.

After a little more than an hour, our party started streaming back to the panga (one guy didn't paddle out for the second sesh for one reason).  I got one last wave, pretty good, but did nothing noteworthy and we skedaddled.

We paid the portly guy $100 and tipped the captain $20 and headed back to our respective condos.

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