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Sunday, November 12, 2017

11.12.17 High Tide Shellacking at Outside Pangas

I longingly looked down the beach to Colorado, hoping to see a morsel of something, something that would save me from the long paddle out to PDs.  In the haze, I made out over a dozen heads.  I saw one guy on a left struggling to catch up to the high tide line and that's when I boomeranged right, towards Pangas.

I surveyed the waterscape and didn't see anything working where I'd caught a couple yesterday.  It looked like I was going to have to paddle all the way out.

The waves I observed being ridden as I paddled out were on the flat side, surely a product of the peaking high tide.  I cursed my timing; I could have woken Raquel up to be with Lucia and I would have likely had a higher chance at better waves.  Though the thought crossed my mind, I labeled it as non-starter dick move each time it reared its head.

I eventually made it out, though I was still inside of the bombs.  These consisted of a drop and a respectable but messy wall on the rights and not much more than drop on the lefts.  I paddled for a right and was really close to catching it but it wasn't meant to be.

A set came and I paddled out. The top of it had just started breaking and I attempted to punch through it above the water.  It packed more of a punch than I had anticipated and it felt as though I'd been punched in the face.

The highlight of the session was a guy catching a right.  I duckdived so as not to be in his way and I went at too sharp an angle and made a fool of myself.  I came up awkwardly after having barely penetrated the water and my board and I were soon separated.  This likely would have been a finalist on @kook_of_the_day had anyone been filming.

Two clean-up sets came and the slopes were very flat. After getting rolled a few times I looked back and the beach was close.  I called it a session after having caught ZERO waves...

I'm thinking I will only paddle out at low- to mid-tides outside of the 10-2 mid-day bakefest.  Rising and close to high tide leads to too-fat waves and more whitewater to punch through.  If I get a shot, I'll do so this afternoon.

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