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Sunday, December 24, 2017

12.24.17 One and Done at PD

I walked all the way to Playa Colorado today and unfortunately it was relatively crowded.  The waves were walled or very racy.  When I first walked up I got excited by seeing an emerald green wave jack up and over but there was never a hint that we weren't dealing with mostly unmakeable-around-the-section waves.

I saw a skinny bald guy burn two people on two straight waves and that cemented my decision to move along down the beach.

As I approached Panga Drops I didn't see anything particularly tantalizing and then it started raining.  I took that as a sign to paddle out and so I did.  I almost immediately caught a left with a nice drop and nothing more.  I continued paddling out, basking in the beauty of the black skies and solid rainfall.

As is seemingly always the case at this place, the peaks shift and instead of being too far out I was too far in.  I paddled for ten or fifteen minutes and duckdove multiple sets.  One glance back to the beach and I was over it, I hadn't moved much.  The dudes I watched take off got maybe one turn in and then mush.  I did see one guy get a sick right and do two turns on it.

I walked back and the rain let up.  We're out of the wet season so any rain that comes in helps prolong the green into the dry season.  It has rained twice since then and this should really make a dent in delaying the jungle's transformation into brown and bare.

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