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Thursday, May 31, 2012

May Wrap-Up and Big Announcement!

I had six sessions in six days, an record!  Thirteen sessions bring it a silver medal to January, still King with fourteen...!

Here is the spot breakdown for the month:

D Street 4
Avocado's 3
Pillbox 2
S. Jetty 1
Wisconsin 1
Harbor 1
Buc Beach 1

Interestingly, I surfed Oceanside four times at four different spots.

I will be out of town the first week or so of June, so the count will suffer.  However, I am pleased to announce I will be travelling back to the motherland, El Salvador, the last week of the month.  I will not be taking the Go Pro with me as I have grown fond of it and would prefer not to lose it to "the boys" down there.

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