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Thursday, May 10, 2012

5.7.2012 Oceanside Harbor Nothingness

Another week or so break in between sessions, and I was raring to get wet. My first glance of the water at the end of Mission Avenue revealed something I hadn't witnessed in months: "decent" waves!  I excitedly checked Tyson and, farther south, Wisconsin.  I realized I would be surfing today.  The tide was recovering from a low extreme and I felt Harbor would be worth a check as the tide was still so low.

I U-Turned and sling-shotted up there, found something I liked, and parked.  While walking, I spotted a sweet, steep A-frame fold over and made the fateful decision to stick with Condors, pretty much in the middle of Harbor, on a sandbar I've been fancying for quite some time. 

I paddled out and took in the relative emptiness of the line-up.  As the session progressed, it become apparent as to why I was so poorly accompanied.  The waves would jack up, then either close out  or not break.

I didn't catch ANY waves of note and went in after about seventy minutes with no worthwhile footy to show for it.

Luckily, I had the right mindset and was just happy to be back in the water.
On my way home, I checked Wisconsin and realized I'd made a mistake surfing where I'd done so.  Then I reached a new realization: ANYwhere was better than where I'd surfed.  Oh well, tomorrow would be another day...!

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