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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

8.30.2011 North Wisconsin, EVENING SESH

After the morning's session, I was wired and ready for more. My wetsuit was still wet, and I checked the reports to make sure the water hadn't cooled down.  I shot up to Oceanside and trunked it at Wisconsin after looking at it and noticing Wisconsin was the most viable for steep enough waves that would allow for dealing with chops.

I caught a small left and pumped down the line as much as I could, keeping most of my weight on my front foot.  I kicked out and paddled back out, having to paddle south to retain my takeoff spot.  I caught a right and hit it, then tried again and fell on a chop.

I caught a nice steep left and went up to smash it and did so, but I didn't transfer my weight back-to-front-to back (electing to skip over the last back weighting) and fell.  It was a good clean snap and I was thrilled by my progress.

All told, I was out there for forty-five minutes or so.  The sun never came out and my teeth were chattering so I went in.

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