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Friday, August 26, 2011

8.25.2011 Oceanside Blvd, Fishing for Rank Surf

In my quest to complete this week's goals, I have been racking my mind as to how to best pull a 360.  I thought about buying another set of fins (grom-size, pathetic I know... ).  I also  though about taking out the two side fins on my Flyer and leaving the one trailing fin.  This would lead to a training wheel effect wherein I could add the two fins once I have them down pat.

Then I got the bright idea that I could just take my 5'6"x20"x~3" fish out.  It has four smaller fins and I should be able to pop those out of the water to spin.  I took the fish up to Oceanside along with my regular thruster, just in case there were some steeps out there.

I checked the pier and it was too fat out there.  Wisconsin looked promising, but Oceanside Blvd looked "best".  I'd never surfed here before and was looking forward to popping my Oside Blvd cherry.  It didn't hurt nearly as much as I thought and I only bled a little bit.

I passed a homeless guy sleeping on the sand and saw an elderly woman doing what looked to me like improvisational tai chi in the deck of her oceanfront home.

First wave I catch, I go left, stomp on the front foot as I'm easing up the face and sweep hard with my back foot, with most of my pressure on my toes, all while looking over my back shoulder.  I turned, the board didn't.  I was bummed.  I tried again and the same thing happened.  After that wave the board came out upside down and I looked at the tail.  I forgot how wide that thing was!  I tried one more time, but nothing happened.

After this series, I did a sick foam climb, which I probably could've landed if I'd shifted my weight to my front foot (I was going backwards in the foam for a tiny bit, so my front foot was effectively my back foot at the time).  I did do a nice little floater.

The highlight of the session was a massive three dozen strong volery of pelicans kamikaze-ing into the water (sometimes while twirling) and moving south to north along with what must have been a massive school of fish.  The closest they came to divebombing by me was a good ten yards away, though I did get circled and maddogged.  I also noticed that some seagulls were following them and squawking when they caught something.

When the pelicans had a water takeoff, their feet clap on top of the water making for a very comical sight.

Overall, not my favorite session, but it felt good to get out thar!  Forecast shows no sign of easing, though there is talk of a SW groundswell all over the coconut wireless.  We shall see...

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