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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

6.11.2012 Frustrated at Pillbox

I checked D Street and it looked pretty blown out.  I decided to give Pillbox a shot and when I checked it, it appeared to be doing its thing.

I paddled out and sat.  Then sat.  And sat some more.  I'd miss a wave due to my line-up, so I'd paddle to the foam trail.  Then, where I'd just been sitting, a macker appeared.  AARRGGHH! 

I caught a wave which had promise but it quickly closed out. 

About a half hour (!) later, I had a good look at the wave of the day.  I was a bit deep for it, but I thought I could get it.  Just as I'm accelerating to catch the wave, I got wrapped up in a clump of seaweed.  I tried to power through it, but I J U S T missed it.  I let out an audible frustrated sound (rhymes with truck).

Ten minutes later, the wind came up and I decided to give up after close to an hour in the water. Pathetic!

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