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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

8.14.12 Too High a Tide for Oceanside=Back to D Street

Oceanside was swamped out with all of that water.  The good news is this should set things up nicely for the swell of the summer we will supposedly be experiencing on Friday.  People may check Oside the next few days and decide it sucks, then when the tide is lower in the morning and the swell hits, it may be a bit of a sleeper.  We shall see...

I paddled out without giving it too much thought.  I thought, in this gorgeous weather, I can't lose by paddling out on a day like today unless I got tagged by a stingray or otherwise injured.

There was some more of the green slime in the water I noticed during the PM session here late last week.  I couldn't figure out what it was, but it was noticeably warmer than the normal water.  Aaahhh!

I paddled out and caught my first wave within five minutes.  It was a quick left on which I crab-grabbed.  I was in there for less than a second before being slammed.

My next wave had the benefit of being the older half of a double-up, being pushed forward and out by its piggy-backing cousin.  I crab-grabbed into this tight tunnel and got in there for quite some time before eating it.  I'm pretty amped on the footy:

My second wave was a right that didn't really happen.  I stood up on a gutless wave and never descended.

My next wave was a right that I tried to get barreled on but, for some reason, it didn't happen.  I think the wave may not have barreled as I was hoping.

In between waves, I looked under the green slime trail and saw a massive school of fish.  Once I saw the bubbles rise up and the tinge of brown, I assumed I was floating in fish poop.  Bah, at least I was warm!

Then, I caught a left on which I got one pump in before being forsaken by King Neptune.  The wave raced off without me.  I hopped over the lip without issue.

Another quick one!  I didn't even get a pump in before the bitch closed out on me.

The streak continued for a third instance, though I did lurch up the face on this one before being shut down.

A change of pace: My last wave barely let me in, but I did enjoy the 2-ft drop, pumping up, then riding the foam a bit on the closeout before eating it.

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