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Monday, August 13, 2012

8.12.12 North Side Oside Pier Barrels

On this day, I finally decided to make the drive  after much consternation.  What finally convinced me to go was the early onset of the sweltering heat we've been subjected to for the past week.

I went up to Oside and was awestruck at the crowd at Buc Beach.  I secretly hoped whatever contest they'd hung banners on the pier for was over, but I saw the scaffolding right away.  The women's longboarding contest was still going.  I saw a lot of promise on the south side of the contest area, so I parked.  I suited up and walked south of the pier, but there was a plethora of loggers out, making those poor shortboarders pick off the scraps they left behind.  These guys were good loggers too, perhaps they were involved in the contest at some point.

I decided to walk north of the pier and saw some sick lefts spinning JUST north of the pier.  There was a pack on it, but I thought I could get into some.

I paddled out far enough away from the fishing lines so as not to get snagged.  My first wave came within ten or so minutes, a forgettable left with not much of a shoulder.  I kicked out and paddled back into the pack.

I witnessed quite a few in-and-out barrels before I got a shot at mine.  I barely got the camera on in time before I dropped down, but not all the way down, pulled in and got SLAMMED!

Perhaps if I'd absolutely hugged the wall, I might have had a shot.  I probably could have crouched down a bit more too.

Word was apparently getting out, as it was getting more and more packed at the action wedge.  I witnessed an older ripper on a shortboard stuff a guy and get barreled, make it, then eat it on a lip slap.  The snakee held up his hands as if to ask, "What happened?" or "Why?".  It was a bummer of a waveto get burned on, no question.

I bailed for points farther north.  I missed a lot of waves due to someone already being on them.

I caught another quick barrel on which I got decimated.  These steep S barrels just don't give much time to set up.  I saw two groups of surfers paddling out and I was over it.

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