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Friday, September 30, 2011

September Wrap-Up

August 2011: 13 sessions
September 2011: 10 sessions

Quite an assortment of spots this month. Wisconsin Street in Oceanside prevailed only because of my memories from last month. The rest are all tied for second...!

Wisconsin: 3
15th, Del Mar
D St, Encinitas
Secret Spot
South Palomar
Cardiff Campgrounds
Oceanside S. Jetty

Wave of the month award goes to the first wave I caught at Tamarack 9.1.2011
Beating of the month: Nothing memorable

October and November are great months to be a surfer in San Diego. The combo swells funnel in and usually create a more consistent environment. When they both go off, the waves get extremely fun. The water is colder, which means fewer crowds. Once daylight savings is repealed for the year, it will be first light earlier, which means it will pay to get up super early in terms of emptier waves.

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