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Friday, September 7, 2012

9.4.12 Another Shot at N. Carlsbad w/ Missed-It-Mike

Because of the higher tide, the waves weren't visible from the 101.  I could either surf here with just Mike and probably have at least a decent session (if the previous day's was any indication) or venture up to Oside and surf with a bunch of random dudes.  I chose the former.  In a rare instance, Mike and I suited up without checking the surf.

When we finally pulled up within eye shot of the waves, our hopes were deflated.  It was TINY.  The good news is there was a pulse coming through on a sandbar south of Maple Street where we could possibly get some.

It took me a good ten minutes to get my hair wet. A lot of paddling around, but nothing doing.

Finally, my first wave arrived.  I was looking to get barreled since it was so hollow.  In the footy, you see me not breaking eye contact with the lip line.  Because so much of my RAM was dedicated to reading what the lip's intentions with me were, I neglected to pay attention to the nose of my board when BAM! I pearled.

The second wave was more open.  I got a couple of pumps in before the wave inexplicably slowed way down.  I tried to hang tough for a shot at the oncoming section but the wave had turned gutless to the point of having nothing for me to push against.

Mike was in position for a wave and I managed to catch his bottom turn on video.  Notice how hard I am cheering him on.  I was very happy for him having caught this wave and I wasn't shy about it, enhancing his experience on the wave.  Some would argue I made him surf it better.

Oh and if my PO is reading this, I said, "FUDGE!" at the thirteen second mark.

After such a triumph, my next wave was that much more of a disappointment, I pearled AGAIN!  The waves were an interesting and frustrating combination of small and hollow and my results were showing my lack of prowess in these conditions.

I had the opposite thing happen on the following wave.  I paddled, felt the push of having caught the wave, and popped up.  Nothing doing, I faded off the back.

A "juicy" one rolled though.  I popped up, pumped, then set up for the impossibly tight barrel.  The wave slapped me in the face as if to say, "No you diaaaaaaaaaaaaaant!"

My next wave I descended well, then popped hard into a pump.  I covered a lot of water, but the wave was over me.

Mike had to go to work and I was done.  In we went...

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