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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

9.22.12 Gutless Wisconsin Street with Missed-It-Mike and Snips!

The swell was petering out and it was my last chance to get some before my imminent trip to El Salvador.

I met Mike at Wisconsin Street and he said he'd checked it and it was worth paddling out.  I saw one that looked fun, so I didn't question him.

We walked down the ramp to the slippery boulders and I braced myself for Mike's latest foot pain report, but he thankfully went easy on me.

We paddled out and sat.

My best wave came early, and I got some pumps in before going for a floater and fading off the back.

After that, there was a wave I switch crab-grabbed, but I was in for less than a second before it imploded.

Mike got hooted into a sick right on which he got barreled.

Those were the highlights...

Mike "Snips" Parsons was out and making quick work of the tiny rates.  The guy is tiny and he rips.  I was awestruck at how flat and small his board was.  I'd only surfed with him at Lowers before and I'm assuming he was in Oceanside to beat the crowds.

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