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Friday, September 28, 2012

9.26.12 La Bocana w/ Three Other Dudes, PM Session

Given our brief visit on this trip, this would turn out to be my first and final afternoon sesh.  On our perch on the cliff, I saw some tasty waves from which I could get a cool buzz.  La Bocanita looked a bit more enticing, but there were a dozen heads on it already.

I paddled out inside of the rock that looks like a pipe and paddled for a good five/six minutes before perching.  It took me a long time to catch my first wave. 

It was a screamer of a left and I never caught up to it.  I dove into the wash of the wave and got hammered, my first taste of real kiwi power meeting the cobblestones of El Salvador since July.

I caught a second wave, but for the life of me, cannot remember what happened on it.  I remember I got drilled again, so it couldn't have been incredible.

I decided to go in and caught a sweet, steep insider.  I went for an air on it and got some, but landed off the back.  I caught another little one and kicked out quickly as I was getting shallow.  I got on my board and looked in time to see water sucking off a big rock, a big boil revealing a big round beast of now above-surface rock.  Whoa.

I made it in without issue, anxious to try my luck elsewhere in the morning.

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