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Saturday, May 19, 2012

5.19.2012 North Wisconsin Street Shorebreak w/ Missed-It Mike!

This morning we met at Buc Beach, but it had a crowd to it.  There were some sick ones to be had, but we'd be brawling for them.  We took in the amazing stylings of the first RC surfer I've ever seen in person.

Mike claimed he'd caught a glimpse of better waves a couple of blocks to the north.  We decided to take the short drive up there.  The waves there held some promise, but there was nothing special.

I wanted to check Wisconsin's.  The first go-around showed a certain je-ne-sais-qua, but nothing solid.  We ended up doing The Strand loop so I could have a little more littoral time and we saw some decent shorebreak waves.  We were out thar!

Shorebreaks are a lot of fun in that it's super consistent and the paddle-outs are short (though they can be brutish).  They are where you will likely get the most waves per hour, though they will also be shorter than an average wave.

My first wave was one where I got a little too much help from the whitewash, recovered, but the wave had passed me by, so I kicked off.

The next wave was probably the best one I caught this morning.  It was a steep, quick right that I had what is likely the longest bottom turn of the year on.  On my way up the face, I put too much pressure on my front foot and burned off too much speed, smacked it, but I got left behind.

My next wave was a left, but I couldn't get around it. 

Immediately, I caught a left, bailed into it when I saw it was closing out hard.

I tried my luck on a right, which fizzled right after takeoff.

A left came and a guy was on it up the line from me.  I paddled for it and saw him get sectioned off.  I made a quick calculation that he wasn't going to make it around and went.  I got a nice little snap on my forehand and yelled, "YEEEAAAAHHH!".  I paddle back out and Mike's quietly laughing his ass off. When I inquired as to why, he said it was because I burned that guy I'd seen paddling.

I looked for him but he had paddled away a bit, probably to get away from an a-hole like me.  I didn't want to shout an apology to him, as those tend to sound insincere.

On the very next wave we paddled for, I told him to go and essentially gave him the way.  When I told Mike I'd made it right,  he said, "in YOUR mind you did"...

A big left came, the biggest I'd catch all day and I made the drop.  When I finally recovered, I couldn't get around the wall of whitewater so I kicked off.

On my last wave, I split a peak with Mike and had it close on me.

We bailed not long thereafter.

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