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Saturday, May 12, 2012

5.10.2012 Another D-Street Run w/ Missed It Mike

Well, after yesterday's short commute to surf with decent results, we decided to have another go at it.  I thought we should at least check the shorebreak spot up north as it can go off with this angle a windswell.  It sucked, so we shot down to D.

I knew the session wasn't going to be a solid one as I hit the water.  My subconscious, cursory key-check routine, which had cleared close to a thousand times in a row without incident, yielded some bad news.  I couldn't feel my key!   I ran back to the car and figured I'd left it on the inside (closest to the car) bumper, then shut the back over it.  I ran back to the waves and told Mike he may have to call Raquel to come get me once we were done.

Then, after my fourth false start with the Go Pro, it shut off on its own.... UH OH!  I figured it had run out of juice after several sessions without recharging it.  But there was also the remote chance its housing had failed and it'd been permeated.  There was no need to worry, as the camera was bone dry.

Things turned around when I realized I'd had my key in the key pocket the whole time.  The long portion of it happened to line up exactly right with the zipper and it threw me.  

I couldn't get anything going on this session.  The only thing that saved the session was my spotting a guy, once a boy, who strongly resembled Mike's arch nemesis SUPER SNAKE!  A few years ago, Mike and I were surfing that exact spot when Mike took it upon himself to burn a grom out with his classmates for a Surf PE session.  The kid turned to his friend, widened his eyes, and said, "WHOA! SUUUUPER SNAKE!".

As soon as Mike made it back to the outside, I related the story to him and he rewarded me with his Elvis impression, defending himself out of the corner of his mouth so the kid he burned wouldn't read his lips (don't know why else he would do this).

I don't know if that in fact was Super Snake, but the guy rips!

No waves jump out at me on this day, so I will wrap it up with this period.

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