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Sunday, May 13, 2012

5.12.2012 Groveling w/ Mark at High Tide Avocados Shorebreak

I'd seen a sick left break from the cliff and I was raring to go.  I was informed by Mrs. Mark that it wouldn't be any good out there.  She was right, for the VAST majority of the session.

The waves were gutless and were nearly impossible to catch and get open face on, unless you lucked into a double-up  and were slingshotted towards an unbroken section.

The pattern consisted of paddling, popping up, and attempting to pump.  There just wasn't any speed to be had and no steeps to create your own.

Mark was on a 6'6" and I asked him to switch boards.  He said yes immediately (hear that, Mike?), much to my surprise.  He was raring to try out the Go Pro. Here is his sickest wave:

I caught a "sick" left and even nailed a floater, with speed, before the wave was over me.  This floater is a record-breaker in that I don't think I've landed a floater on that much foam.  I will have to multiply out the dimensions to see if my fish still beats it though...

It was getting dark and cold, so we bailed...

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  1. Haha, awesome video. Surf looked equally poor on Sunday morning and actually got even worse in the afternoon. so I ended up not paddling out. Maybe we can hit it again next Saturday eve?