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Thursday, July 25, 2013

7.19.13 Hoping for the Swell Kick at Wisconsin Street

The waves were a little bigger this day, and I was pushing it on this rising swell on the baby board. 

Unfortunately, the waves were still somewhat inconsistent and shifty.  I had plenty of get up, then jump off waves I couldn't catch up to.

Finally, about an hour into the session, I spotted a steep peak headed towards me.  I didn't have to paddle laterally, I was in a great spot.  In fact, I would classify my paddling as slovenly, up until the last couple of paddles before I stood up. 

I descended down a beautiful steep chest-high section, pumped, super-pumped, then pumped halfway down the face and then BOOSTED off the oncoming section.  I felt the board detach slightly from my feet, despite the wind's efforts to keep my board and me together.

It was the most air I'd caught since a sunset session in El Salvador last year, but with a similar result, unfortunately.

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