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Tuesday, March 26, 2013

3.24.13 Rush Solo Sesh at North Wisconsin


There was still combo swell in the water.  Not only was it a Sunday, but the extreme high tide would hamper the surf so only the set waves would be rideable.  In order to maximize my chances, I'd held off on making the trek north until the high tide was on its way back down. I had only a sliver of a window, as I'd scheduled an appointment at ten and would have to beat feet out of Oside only an hour after suiting up.

I saw something decent on my way to the pier, but it wasn't so great that it got me to park and suit up.  I knew deep down that checking Jetty/Harbor would only lighten the ride of its gasoline, but I pushed on with the logic that the tide will have fallen that much more when I do paddle out.

Jetty and Harbor were worse than I expected.  These are both pretty much low tide-only spots unless it's really pumping.

My first wave was an ok left.  I pumped once, then had to deal with the lip hitting me in the knees.  I kept my speed and found a section to hit but by the time I did so, the wave had no push with which to send me on my way for another hit.

My second wave was a better left.  I pumped pretty well, though I didn't do it super quickly with the fear of passing the wave by.  Once the section I was hoping for appeared to be on its way, I cut down then back up and was immediately disappointed by its lack of push.

I caught a pretty sweet right on which I got hung up on the lift, but dropped diagonally down the face and got a bunch of speed.  It was the first time I can remember air-dropping and having my fins engage immediately.  I think what happened is I landed with the board at the exact right angle.  It reminded me of going over a hip in snowboarding.  Unfortunately, that's all the wave had in store for me.

Long lulls in between sets kept me from upping my wave count.  Until tomorrow...

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