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Sunday, March 24, 2013

3.22.13 Combo Swell Solo Mish to Oside Pier

The first S swell of the season (El Salvador was PERFECT according to several friends and their Facebook pics) was upon us and with it, a cross-up/current reducer NW windswell.  Unfortunately, the forecasts spieled of a S wind that would make the water's surface less than ideal.  After clearing the cobwebs from my geriatric 4/3, I was out thar!

The tide was very high and I didn't know if anything would be breaking.  The waves at Buc Beach were forgettable.  S. Wisconsin looked ok, but the waves there were nothing to make me froth.  Then I saw a set break at the pier and I pulled into the free lot by the Dairy Queen and made my way to the sand.

The paddle-out wasn't bad, and it felt good having the warmer-than-I-remember-from-nearly-three-weeks-ago water wash over me without penalizing me with pain.

Seeing as to how it was the first booming swell in a LONG time, there was a pack out there.  One guy who was tearing the place apart reminded me of a younger version of Panamanian rap legend and godfather of Reggaeton (before it turned to muck), El General:

I was paddling with, then against the pack trying to secure a nug to call my own.  I caught a left that closed out, then when paddling back out I saw El Generalito catch a bomb on the outside and shred it.  Easily WQS talent, that guy...

I caught a couple of other waves whose rides escape me.  The last wave was a right I caught near the pier.  It sectioned off, then opened up, but its shoulder was slouched by the still-fat tide.

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