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Monday, March 4, 2013

3.1.13 M-I-M and I hit up Lower Tide D Street

I arrived at 6:58 and saw Mike standing by the bench, checking it.  The fact that he wasn't scampering back to change into his wetsuit was a bad sign.  He told me it was about as good as yesterday, but less consistent and smaller.

We walked a little south of the stairs towards a really fun-looking peak, then doubled back towards the stairs after seeing a couple of rights reel and with the philosophy that we wouldn't fight a crowd there, unlike the south peak.

We paddled out and sat for about an hour (!) before either of us caught our first wave.  The waves that would come through were closeouts or in rare instances had someone on them.  Both Incomplete Neoprene Puzzle Man (hood, gloves, missing only booties) and his bro Gentile Most Interesting Man in the World were out along with other guys and they were catching some bombs.  I finally convinced Mike to paddle a ways south and eventually we caught some.

The only memorable wave for me was a left I caught that seemed as though it would not let me in at first.  I dueled with the lip and eventually got to do surfing's version of an uppercut on its exposed jaw.  Unfortunately, I hit it with my weight too far back and ended up splayed.

The tide ruined things and we were over it, pleased that we didn't get cold for nothing.  We should have fought the pack and picked off a few...

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