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Friday, February 8, 2013

January Wrap-Up

January SUCKED as a surf month.  The swell was on when the weather wasn't, and when the weather was perfect, we were cursed with some of the flattest ocean I've ever seen.  This is winter!  Where are the waves?

The swell of the century, at an unheard of 25-second swell period (meaning it's coming in extremely fast and with power) was a dud.  Had this swell or even something half as good materialized, Blacks would have been the go-to spot.  I probably would've paddled out on my 6'3" like an idiot to try to bag one. Bah, enough mental masturbation over a love that wasn't to be...

I surfed three times.  THREE! I surfed alone all three times. Mike is still MIA surf-wise, Forrest was in Thailand for "work" and everyone else was bitching about the cold.  I'm calling it, January 2013 was the worst month in the history of this blog.

I heard a small swell did come in late in the month but of course it was while I was in Mammoth...

Here is the breakdown:
Condors: 1
NoTePads: 1
Seaside: 1

The session of the month goes to NoTePads and it's not close.

Bail of the month honors go to the second left barrel I got at NoTePads, during which the lip hit me in the head with the ferocity of a woman scorned (and her new boyfriend joining in on the wallop).  My doctor thinks it may have permanently parted my hair.

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