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Thursday, February 14, 2013

2.14.13 PM SESSION w/ Mark DeGrovel at TINY Grandview

My boy and rap protegé Mark DeGrovel texted me yesterday to see if I wanted to surf.  I had an appointment set for this afternoon, but King Neptune smiled upon me and commanded the client to postpone for the next day.

I met Mark at his in-laws' beach house and we had the good fortune of having the cliff-top backyard as our vantage point.  It looked better than I expected, but still pretty rank.

We suited up, then walked down the stairs.  It was an absolutely glorious afternoon and I was amped on that (and not much more).  I carried Wanda, my fish, thinking its lack of rocker would easy my entry into these little morsels.

About a half-hour in I caught one pretty good wave on which I was able to rise up and smack the lip AND ride down, which is a bit of an accomplishment on that board.

I caught another wave immediately after and went a little too radically, sliding the tail out and sliding my chances of a successful maneuver out the window along with it.

About twenty minutes later, I caught a wave I paddled for for a solid eight seconds before I finally stood up on it.  It took forever for that thing to get steep.  But once it did it was a doozy.  It was steep and I popped up and pumped almost immediately, rejoicing in the quick burst of speed I garnered.  Unfortunately there was no payoff.

Mark and I got cold after about an hour and fifteen minutes and in we went.

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