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Saturday, December 17, 2011

Shoulder Issues

On December 2nd, I somehow injured my right shoulder. It hurts most if I move it from resting at my side to a quarter-rotation behind me.

After my last session on 12.11, I managed to aggravate it. I for once was pleased the weather killed the surf as it also killed my temptation to paddle out and start the whole recovery process over again.

I've been doing some rotator cuff exercises as well as applying a heat pad to the affected area. If anyone knows of any other remedies that may help, I'm all ears.

As of this evening, I'm happy to report that it's feeling much better. Though I am tempted to get out there tomorrow, I will wait until Monday to do so with the hope that it will be ok.

I will report back at that time. In the meantime, GO CHARGERS!

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