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Saturday, December 31, 2011

December Wrap-Up

Spot of the month honors go to Tyson Street with two sessions. Congrats to all the nominees, here is the sesh-per-sesh breakdown:

Tyson or Tyson-adjacent: 3
Oceanside Harbor: 1
20th St Del Mar: 1
15th St Del Mar: 1
North Tamarack: 1

This month wasn't my most prolific. The cold climate makes one ratchet up the threshold at which one paddles out. If it's summer and you can trunk it, you won't be too bummed it's 2 foot and mush, but it's too much of a production in 40-degree air.

With this in mind, I had four no-go's, leaving me with 63.33% for the month.

Wave of the month: 12.11 almost vertical lip bash
Bail of the month: ?

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