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Thursday, July 25, 2013

7.17.13 Oceanside Chronicles, Chapter One

This was my first-ever session walking to my favorite stretch of beach in the county.  I like the waves here because it can get really good on a combo swell or on a solid sandbar, and the head count in the water NEVER reflects it.  It's as though there is an invisible line at the north end of Carlsbad that few surfers dare cross.

I made a point to count my steps to see how long it would be from our property to the sand (and I was up to 850) but lost track when I had to beat feet across the 101.

Undaunted I trudged on.  My first view of the water revealed lake-like conditions.  Only upon getting towards the sea cliff did I see just how little the surf was.

The new pad is almost exactly .7 miles from the sand.  I was not going to walk almost a mile-and-a-half and not surf.  But not surf I pretty much did...

Every wave I caught was a weak mushball.  I got close on one where I almost caught up to a sectioning 1.8 ft bomb of a speed section, but it was not to be.

I exited the water and made my way back to the pad, content in building up my once-callous calluses.

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