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Thursday, February 28, 2013

February Wrap-Up and a Plea

Here are the most-surfed spots of the month:

Grandview 2
S. Pipes
D St

G-View pulls out a razor-thin margin to become the winner of the month.  Congrats to all of the nominees and better luck next month!
A Plea:

Please stop and/or stop people from saying the following phrases. Permission to use force, granted...

Sunday Funday aka how to let people know you're a douche in just two words

"It is what it is.":  The most pointless sentence uttered in the history of mankind.  Obviously, it is what it is.  It also isn't what it isn't.  This sentence is most often seen escaping, and flying away as quickly as it can, from the mouths of those who like to hear themselves talk.  And I should know!

"I'm not gonna lie to you.": This would make sense to say before a true statement only if the human race also said the opposite during a farcical statement. I caught myself saying this once and immediately cringed.

"Good human" or "(fill-in-the-blank) human": I first heard this in the jungles of Isla Bastimentos, when a pretty well-known surf photog described some of his subjects as such.

Is my being so easily annoyed a sign of getting older?  Whatever the case, GET OFF MY LAWN!


  1. You missed an EPIC Sunday Funday bro, Yew! GET SOME!!

  2. "Yew" is pretty annoying too. "Get Some" is still incredible