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Thursday, October 26, 2017

DAY ONE: Lafayette, CO to Lubbock, TX

We had to take some stuff out of the van we've christened as Opie as it was too tight, but once we did so we were on our way.

My Garmin unit is loaded with maps for North and Central America.  It was telling me to go south on I-25 through New Mexico.  I had my heart on going through Oklahoma to Texas as I'd never been in Oklahoma.

Chucho was really cramped with all of the stuff around him and had a hard time laying down.  He's now been in seven states and should he live through this ordeal he will have been in six countries.  Not bad for a mutt from Pomona!

Opie made it without incident though the driver's side rear tire is riding a little low.  I'm going to shift the load from left to right and hope that helps stabilize things.  No problems on the ride, though!  I'm flirting with the idea of taking it to someone around here so I don't get stuck somewhere in the middle of Mexico with only my charm and Spanish to save me.

Miles traveled: 583.7
Hours traveled: ~11 including stops

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