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Tuesday, October 10, 2017

BIG NEWS coming...!

This will be without question the biggest news in the history of this blog, stay tuned.  Pass the time with these well-written "passages" from STAB

"Is there anything more voluptuously alluring, more devastatingly pornographic to a surfer, than throbbing shorebreak barrels? Sweltering on land, the sky cloudless and blue, throngs of co-eds littering the beach as far as the eye could see, and head-high, flaring-wide dredgers wobbling north just fifty yards from shore."

Stab is not known for heady fare, but I dug the following paragraph.  It relates to the so-called tsunami generated from the earthquake near Chiapas:

"The term 'groundswell' is really quite silly. Typical waves, including the ones that become known as 'groundswell', stem from wind, which is definitively not born from earth or ocean but from sky. And because wind comes from the sky, it only stirs the surface of the ocean, which, if you've ever seen the "tip of the iceberg" phrase in photo from, implies that significantly more power lies beneath the surface than is visible above. So, if an actual below-surface power source existed, one might logically deduce that the ocean could create stronger waves from its depths than from its topwater."

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