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Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Glucosamine saved me from Premature old-Man Syndrome (PoMS)

In 2004, my right knee started bugging it me. It slowly got progressively worse.  By 2009, I was in so much pain it was affecting me every time I sat down.  If I sat down with my knee at all bent, pressure would slowly build up and within five minutes I would be in excruciating pain.  I would then have to stop whatever I'm doing and violently kick it out.  If I did it correctly, my knee would crack (similar to the sound knuckles make when cracked) and the pressure would be immediately relieved.

You can imagine how distracting this got.  Desk work would be constantly interrupted.  Driving was uncomfortable and unsafe with me trying to extend my leg out to relieve at least some pressure until I was able to get out and kick.  Air travel was excruciating if I didn't get an aisle seat on the left side of the airplane so I could kick at will.

My clearest memory of one of my kicks was sitting next to my dad at The Beatles Love show in Vegas.  I was holding my knee at a 90-degree angle for most of the show.  About two-thirds of the way through I couldn't take it any more.  I slouched down and explosively high-kicked while in my seat.  I missed my dad's face by more than a foot, but he was surprised at how bad it had gotten that I HAD to do it so urgently.

I went to the doctor and he said the cartilage wear in my right knee was consistent with someone in his 50s.  I had fluid on the inside of my knee cap.  He put pressure on it with his finger and you could see it react.  He told me they could drain it but it would just fill up again.  They could operate but there was a ten percent chance I would be sidelined for a year or worse.

By chance, my uncle Tom and aunt Claudia came to Orange County from El Salvador.  She saw me kicking my knee out and asked me why I did it.  I explained what the doctor said, and told her I was going to get a second opinion.  She told me to try "Glucosamina".  I did some research on the internet and found out it was shellfish-based and it could help.  I invested ~$10 in a bottle of Costco's version.

I diligently took two pills a day and within a month, POOF!  The knee pain was almost completely gone.  It's definitely still there somewhat but I have 90% mobility.  I'm still scared to try weighted squats but other than the odd ache here and there I have no signs of the previous issues.

If you suffer from joint pain and are considering surgery, try Glucosamine.  You may get your life back.

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