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Friday, April 14, 2017

4.1.17 How does one score Empty Playa Yankee?

We had suffered through our third of four sweltering nights in our terrible vacation rental (Casa Pablo aka Playa Yankee "Paradise") due to power issues at the house, every other house in the neighborhood had power (as evidenced by their exterior/facade lighting).  It was really frustrating when all of the San Juan del Sur has power, except your house (for which you paid a pretty penny.  Full post coming soon...

Apparently, the trick to scoring empty Playa Yankee is to go in the morning, before the hostel/surf school shuttles show.  Our trip's mornings didn't coincide with the high tide, so at the size of the waves we got while there, it was only really surfable at mid- to high tide.  My uncle and I headed down there; I to surf, and he to body-surf. 

We must have caught it right at mid because the waves kept coming.  I had a great time picking and choosing my waves. 

On my first wave, I did a sick top turn on which I was squatting inches from the water as I descended back down the wave, but I ended up falling on my nutsack.  Some guys have a masochistic scrotal pain fetish but I seem to be missing that gene as this confirmed it for the umpteenth time.

I  surfaced and kicked my legs around to stimulate movement and maybe blood flow to the affected testicle and it stopped aching after less than thirty seconds.  I paddled back out and perched again.

I did a couple of pump to oblivion waves and tried for airs on both end sections, the offshore wind IMMEDIATELY removing the board from my feet.  Go for a grab you may say, but how can you go for a grab if you've left and re-entered the water before your fingers touch foam? 😖😔

My uncle made it about an hour before he was over it and I joined up with him after one last wave on which I got my weekly pump quota in ten seconds.

We headed back to the Element and up to our what turned out to be an expensive campsite ($200+/night for four hours of fans, electricity, internet per day and an algae-ridden pool).

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