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Sunday, April 6, 2014

4.4.14 Small Low-Tide Tyson

I rode the beach cruiser all the way down to Harbor and back.  There was something there, but it was very inconsistent.  I sat on my bike with the GuyPod and accompanying speaker blasting out of the pack on the handlebars and watched it.  I saw a decent two-wave set, but nothing else for five minutes.  I biked south, then hoisted the bike over the jetty and onto the hardpacked sand.  S. Jetty had barely anything, and N. Pier wasn't much better.

I was very close to making today a no-go, but I eventually talked myself into paddling out at Tyson.  It had been more than two weeks since my last session and I wanted to wash the rust off.

The highlight of the day was the dry-hair paddle-out, brought to me by the small waves and the higher-percentage-than-normal wading vs. paddling ratio.

I caught about five waves total and they were all close-outs.  The "best" was a left on which I got to pump once.  I bailed after about forty-five minutes.

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