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Sunday, January 19, 2014

1.18.14 Lots of Waiting, Even more Wading from TINY Middles to Oside Pier

We took an extended walk today and the waves looked small, but pretty fun.  After lunch on the pier at Ruby's, a first for me, I gasped at how yummy the waves looked.  We got home and I grabbed my board.

I was at the water about forty minutes later and the waves had disappeared.  Since it was so hot and I'd made the trek, I wasn't going home with dry hair so I walked about 3/8 of the way to the pier and "paddled" out where there wasn't anyone.  The water was refreshingly cold.  It was so cold that with the first rinse of water into my 3/2 I felt numb in my midsection.  Thank goodness I didn't trunk it like I thought about doing!

I caught a right within a minute of perching and got a half-pump in before attempting a backside 360 which didn't go nearly as well as I'd envisioned it in my head.  I got to about the 165 mark before the lip took over and I spilled onto the flat water.

Fifteen minutes and zero waves later, I decided to wade to the pier in an attempt to so harness any sort of swell the pier's bathymetry could pull in.  It took me about twenty minutes to half-wade/half paddle there and for my efforts, I got to sit with two other people and watch neither of them catch waves.  Twenty minutes later, I went in on a closeout.


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