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Sunday, January 19, 2014

1.10.14 Small NotSures with Surprise Bum Knee

When my wife is on a conference call for work, Chucho, Lucia and I go for a two-mile walk, a lot of it along the beach.

On yesterday's jaunt, I noticed the waves weren't half-bad.  I made silent plans to surf today and came through.

I got out there early enough to avoid tide issues and was bummed to see there just wasn't much of anything.

I caught a right and did a pump before mistiming the lip.  It surprised me with how quickly it threw.  Given how close I was too shore, that should've been readily apparent...

I grimaced as I flopped over the wasted section.  My right knee all of a sudden was killing me; a victim of a subtle wrenching?

I caught some little piddlers and the knee pain was still there.  I could pump through them, but I was jamming my knee up and down with no payoff.  I got a long left, relatively speaking, and got some speed going but was once again surprised by the timing of the wave and ended up attacking it sideways.  I flopped onto the trough of the wave and called it a day to not further injure my knee.

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