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Sunday, June 16, 2013

6.12.13 Solo Mish to Avalanches

The Wisconsin to Pier check revealed nothing promising, so I checked Harbor and found what I was looking for.  The Rad was parked and my wetsuit was filled.

I walked out to the sand and was greeted by an elderly couple, possibly homeless on a picnic bench.  The man said, "Gon' get a couple out there?", to which I replied affirmatively, "That's the plan!".

I walked almost all the way to the north Jetty, the breakwater for the Harbor entrance, and paddled out.

I immediately caught a healthy amount of waves.

My first left started with a stomp and a quick check to make sure I wasn't burning anybody.  I then dueled with the whitewash, attempting to secure some greenwater on which to generate speed for my journey towards what would likely be my latest aquatic disappointment.  This time it was the ocean who disappointed me, by leaving me with nothing to push off of once I had proven victorious over the wash.  I faded off the back.

My second wave was another left, with another lip duel for supremacy.  This lip had apparently vowed to exact revenge on its recently befallen older brother.  It hit me with a one-two combination of lip smacks, but the wax on my board held strong on my foot callouses.  I eventually found daylight and in a promising move for future smacks, put more weight than usual on my front foot.  So much so, in fact, that my back foot slid off the tail pad and there was no recovery.

The next wave was another South Swell Special: a left.  This one was chubby from the get-go.  I shifted my weight towards my front foot, but the wave didn't open up for me.  It steepened abruptly and I kicked out over the close-out.

These three waves were all caught within my first twelve minutes.  I had high hopes for this session.  But it turned out the session was cut short thanks to a combination of an increase in crowd and almost no waves.  It was as though the storm that had generated this swell had taken a prolonged smoke break.  After about forty minutes of waiting, paddling, jockeying, and sighing, I decided to call it a sesh.

On my long walk back to my car, I spotted a black plastic bag on the beach.  I picked it up, I found a Wal-Mart bag and picked that up too.  I filled the Wal-Mart bag with garbage, made up mostly of water bottles.  I began to think that if the City of Oceanside would enforce their anti-littering rules (I believe it's a $1000 fine) they could easily double whatever they make off parking violations.

Maybe I'll run on this platform when I run for citycouncildude...

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