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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

February Wrap-Up


Three Sessions. Pathetic.

I thought this would be an insane surf month for me what with being in Hawaii for a week but I got SKUNKED...!

Conditions have been great at times, but the swell wouldn't cooperate. At other times, there'd be plenty of swell, but rank conditions.

20th Street, Del Mar 1
Cardiff Reef 1
Wisconsin Street 1

Amazingly, the session of the month goes to my last one, Wisconsin Street, because of the barrels.

Wipe-out of the month goes to that barrel wipe-out from 2-24 at Wisconsin.

Spring conditions decided to come early and this is terrible news for surfers. The summer swells (if they appear) usually don't really start coming in until June. Hopefully we'll have some late seasons NW'ers, otherwise this blog will see some lean times!

The good news is I currently have two trips to El Salvador lined up, one in late September and one in late October for two weddings. There's also a slight chance I'll go to Indo on a boat trip but so far it's just mental masturbation

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